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Live at Sonar - Barcelona



Released 1998
Format Cd
Added on Friday, 18 December 2015
Genre Electronic
Number of discs 2
Edition date 1998
Country Spain
Label Not on label
Catalog Number cigo-00100



Title on spine: Kraftwerk "Sonar" Barcelona 1998

Tracks not numbered on the backcover. Vertical list.
Track 1-1 called 'Intro', incorporating 'Nummern'.
Track 1-3 'Mensch Maschine' not mentioned on back cover.
Track 1-6 'Autobahn' is misspelled 'Autbahn' on the CD liner notes.
Track 2-4 & 2-5 are different mixes of the same song.
Track 2-7 include 'Boing Boom Tschak' and 'Musique Non Stop' mixed up.

Recorded on soundboard with the murmurs of the crowd.

Comes in digipak.
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