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Kling und Klang Live a Milano



Released 1997
Format Cd
Added on Wednesday, 04 May 2016
Genre Electronic
Edition date 1997
Country Italy
Label Not on label
Catalog Number KUK1


  • Artwork By [Art & Graphic Project] – Luca "Cyborg" Morandi

  • Edited By [Digital Editing] – Duka

  • Electronic Drums [Beatboxes] – Fritz Hilpert, Henning Schmitz

  • Electronics – Florian Schneider, Ralf Hütter

  • Photography – Massimo Barbaglia, Max Rassiopi

  • Programmed By – Florian Schneider, Fritz Hilpert, Henning Schmitz, Ralf Hütter

  • Sampler – Florian Schneider, Fritz Hilpert, Henning Schmitz, Ralf Hütter

  • Vocoder [Robovox] – Florian Schneider

  • Voice – Ralf Hütter

Live recording at Rolling Stone, Milano, Italy, November 17th 1991, on Sony DAT TCD-D3.

Remarks: The real tracklisting doesn't match with the one mentioned on the cover as Numbers and Computer World makes one track and Computer Love was split, for some unknown reason, into two parts. Also, the track "Radioactivity" was misspelt as "(Stop) Radio-Activity".

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