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Dynamo Deutschland



Released 1998
Format Cd
Added on Sunday, 10 April 2016
Genre Electronic
Number of discs 2
Edition date 1998
Country Germany
Label Melodia mekanika-tontrager


Disc 1: Soundboard-recording "Hummingbird", Birmingham (UK) 15th of July 1991.

Disc 2:
Track 1 & 2: Birmingham continued.
Track 3 to 8: Soundboard-recording "Fresenburg", Utrecht (NL) 10th of December 1981
Track 9 to 11: "Locarno", Bristol (UK) 1981

CD2 track 3 is misspelled as 'Nummern / Ccomputerwelt' on the cd-cover tracklist.

(c) + (p) 1998 Melodia Mekanika - Tonträger

AAD Stereo

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